What Vietnam Tour Packages From Ha Noi City Have to Offer

What Vietnam Tour Packages From Ha Noi City Have to Offer

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Vietnam Tour Packages are designed for people to take some time out and visit some exotic locations in this country. Hanoi City, the country’s capital and Vietnam’s second largest city boasts of having a fascinating and impressive blend of the West and East. Even though decades of war have unscathed the city, Hanoi is currently experiencing a building boom and the increasing development of the city have made Vietnam tour packages from ha noi city incredibly popular. There is so much that this city has to offer and you can be sure that your expectations will be exceeded.

These days, tourism in Hanoi city is growing incredibly fast. The many travel agencies that offer Vietnam tour packages are all well connected to the various airlines, hotels and other agencies that facilitate your tour package. They serve tourists by providing them with the best Vietnam tour packages from ha noi city at cheaper rates. These tour packages offer everything you would expect to find here including:


Hanoi city is home to many museums, which are worthy visiting. The Vietnamese Women’s Museum is among the most popular museums here which has undergone through a massive renovation recently. Then there is also Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Ho Chi Minh Vestige in Presidential Palace Area, One Pillar Pago and the Fine Arts Museum. Also, most of the Vietnam tour packages include other museums like the Army Museum which exhibits notable items of the war period. The Air Force Museum features a decent collection of Soviet MiG fighters, Mi-6 helicopter and UH- 1 helicopters among other aircrafts.


if you visit Hanoi City, make sure that you visit one of the many temples found here and you can be sure that you will learn a lot from the religious aspect of Vietnam people. The Temple of Literature is one of the highlights of Vietnam tour packages from ha noi city and it dates back to 1070. The courtyard of the temple has many stone tablets that you will find to be quite fascinating. Then there is Ngoc Son Temple, which boasts of having some very attractive grounds and even a mummified specimen that you will really find to be very attractive. This is one of the sites in Hanoi where you will find massive crowds of tourists. Bach Ma Temple is also found nearby and the Hani Temple is a relatively recently build temple that displays the beauty and wonderment of the Vietnamese people.


The many parks in Hanoi city offer an incredible place where you can go to relax and have some great time with your family and loved ones. These parks are incredibly beautiful and well maintained and every tour operator will include some of them in your Vietnam tour packages to ensure that you enjoy a wholesome experience. The Hoan Kiem Lake presents itself as an amazingly pleasant park situated right at the heart of town. This is a favorite leisure spot for most locals and it is not a wonder to find it fully crowded with foreign visitors. Lenin Statue and Park is a place where you can always get to feel the liveliness and diversity of Hanoi. Finally, don’t miss out the Ly Thai To Statue and Park, which offers an awesome place for families to spend some great time.

Wartime sites:

Finally, but not least, expect to find wartime sites in your Vietnam tour packages from ha noi city. These are places where you can learn more about the history of the Vietnam War and popular sites include Hoa Lo Prison, B- 52 Lake, Downed Aircraft Memorial and the Army Museum.

Vietnam tour packages will not only save you time when visiting Hanoi but are also pocket friendly. With so many options available to choose from, you can be able to choose your package depending on the type of vacation you wish to spend. Nearly all the tour operators and travel agencies in Hanoi City are more than willing to offer you tailor-made tour packages that suit your tastes and preferences. You can always be sure that they will arrange your trip in a satisfactory way.



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