Tourists travel Vietnam anesthesia because safety index and high happiness

Tourists travel Vietnam anesthesia because safety index and high happiness

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Through two advantages over (safety index and high happiness) that Vietnam tourism was voted one of the top 10 countries most perfect for single travelers.

Travel & Leisure Magazine recently published a list of 10 great destinations for tourists alone, based on two criteria: it has to be a happy nation and really safe or not.

With these criteria, based on votes from visitors, the statistics of the Global Peace Index (Global Peace Index) and happiness index (Happy Plante Index), Vietnam tourism at position six on the list, coming in ahead of other developing countries such as Germany, Japan, Sweden

Comment on Vietnam, magazines, wrote: This is country life and the colorful streets are safe, though you anywhere. Vietnam tourism tourists can enjoy playing in crowded places such as Ben Thanh Market (HCMC), Dong Xuan market (Ha Noi), tai chi practice with hundreds of strangers in Hoan Kiem Lake, watching scenic Highland mountains and Phu Quoc sea breezes without having to worry about safety issues for themselves. “

Topping the top 10 perfect destination for single travelers is New Zealand. This country was hailed as a safe country and owns scenery paradise. The next position belongs to Norway, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Austria, Vietnam, Chile, Japan, Sweden, Indonesia.

Vietnam Travel and Top 10 safest countries world
1 New Zealand: Only ranked No. 4 safety, happiness index ranks 24.
The people here were rated as friendly, open-minded. New Zealand is also the location for the filming of the famous Lord of the Rings. Tourism New Zealand, visitors have the opportunity to participate in adventures on glaciers, in the jungles and on the peaks of the Alps

Norway 2: The 10th ranked safety happiness index ranks 22.
Norway many times been named the most livable countries in the world with the high-life, fresh air. One of the most attractive destinations are Norway‘s most famous fjords.

3 Switzerland: Safety Index ranked 5th happiness index ranks 30.
Country is famous for watches is expensive destination many tourists choose. Zurich and Geneva are the two destinations travelers should not miss when traveling Switzerland.
Costa Rica Tourism

Costa Rica
4 Costa Rica : The number 42 ranked safety happiness index rank 1.
Costa Rica to the sunny beaches of gold, people living in first place on the happiness index is the suggested ideal destination for the tourists alone.
Tourism Application

5 Austria: Only ranked No. 3 safety happiness index ranks 42.
Austria is a country possesses gentle beauty is made from natural and cultural.
Vietnam Tourism

6 Vietnam: The number 45 ranked safety happiness index ranks 2.
Safe, cheap, friendly people are the strengths that the country of Vietnam in the eyes of the traveler scoring.

7 Chile: The 30th ranked safety happiness index ranks 19.
Chileans seem to have an implicit rule, which is that they are very friendly and open to visitors. In addition, the country also possesses endless beaches, the beautiful rolling mountains is a favorite of tourists.
Tourism Sweden

Sweden 8: The 11th ranked safety happiness index ranks 45.
For a single traveler, Sweden is pretty small really an ideal destination to visit. You can stroll around the beautiful streets of Stockholm, biking around the city, visit museums and enjoy a cup of hot coffee, fragrant.
Japanese tourists
9 Japan: Safety Index ranked 8th happiness index ranks 48, equate with Sweden.
Many people living in Japan recognized in this country cherry blossoms, life is calm, not so much hustle and attempt as other countries. In addition to the Japanese unique culture, cuisine always something new that many curious visitors to explore.
10 Indonesia: The 54th ranked safety happiness index ranked 5th.
The temples, beaches and cheap food is the strong point that Indonesia is attracting a lot of tourists around the world. One of the tourist meccaof Indonesia‘s Bali - where many couples choose a destination for your honeymoon sweet.


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