The beautiful flowers seasons in Vietnam

The beautiful flowers seasons in Vietnam

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Vietnam tours – Reviewing the beautiful blossom seasons everywhere in the country of Vietnam, if you have the opportunity to travel in Vietnam, you try to go to the period bloom season will help you have experience better.

Tam Giac Mach flowers season, Ha Giang

In late October and early November is the Tam Giac Mach flowers season on the street circuit upward Lung Cu, Ha Giang. People grow for take seeds to make cake, but they bloom, Tam Giac Mach have pinkish flowers very beautiful.



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Cauliflower, Moc Chau

About 200km from Hanoi, Moc Chau is one of the fascinating place in Cauliflower bloom season from the late October and early November.




Peach blossom Sapa, Lao Cai

Although flower bloom throughout the Northwest, but peach blossom Sapa still attract tourists more than anywhere. Because it is not only large flower, thick petal, but also peach blossom blooms even in the cold season. From December to February is the time Peach blossom Sapa. If lucky to come here, you can watch the snow fall.




Ban flowers, Northwest

The Ban flowers bloom around March, when the drizzle stopped and the sun has warmed up. With pristine white, petals made the clear beauty for the northwestern mountains. So that arduous journey along Highway 6 from Ha Noi to Hoa Binh, Son La, Dien Bien become romantic.



Milk flowers, Ha Noi

Each season, Ha Noi has a separately flower but flowers make people go away most remembrance is probably milk flowers. Therefore, autumn (around September and october) when the tiny milk flowers flavor shine around the corner, the street and that is the best time to visit to Ha Noi. Walking on Nguyen Du, Thuy Khue, Quan Thanh, Cua Bac or Dao Tan Street you can easily catch the familiar flavor.




Rhododendron, Lao Cai

Rhododendron bloom  all year round but the most beautiful around April. As trees grow naturally but it looks gorgeous beauty by large flower, striking colors and varied as red, pink, yellow, white … To admire beauty of this flower, no where more ideally than Hoang Lien National Park (Lao Cai) – which is known as the “Kingdom of Rhododendron”.

Flowers bloom when the weather is dry and favorable to climb Fansipan Mountain. Therefore, combining conquer the roof of Indochina and watch Rhododendron is a great choice for people indulge challenge.



Wild sunflowers, Da Lat

Just to October, Da Lat welcome a lot of tourists from all parts of the country came to watch the wild sunflowers. Flowers grow both sides of the road, catch the sun rising, leaf-faire as welcome. Though not brilliant as sunflower but when it bloom, wild sunflowers create a yellow carpet in almost the way to highland city. You can ride the motorbike and watch the wild sunflowers under along D’ran or Lien Khuong to Da Lat.




Sesame fortune flower, Ha Noi

The Sesame fortune flowers are red, tiny, falling around Hoan Kiem lake surface makes beautiful scenery become poetic and romantic. Each year, flowers bloom twice, early summer and late fall. Each time the sunset, flowers start blooming, passionate fragrance. The best time of Sesame fortune flowers are at night. The next morning the flowers will fall down and carpet under a tree or float on the water.




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