Tet in Vietnam is one of the world’s most unique festivals

Tet in Vietnam is one of the world’s most unique festivals

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Vietnam holidays – According to an article on the site Skyscanner, the Lunar New Year in Vietnam is rated as one of 10 unique and special festivals in the world. Opportunities to attract tourists travel to Vietnam on this occasion is also quite high.


Lunar New Year is always interesting to tourists

The author wrote: “Vietnam’s Lunar New Year lasts only 3 days, however, the busy preparing atmosphere started  half a month earlier. Tet in Vietnam is an opportunity for members of the family reunion, is the day everyone gathered around a cosy meals to wish a peaceful New Year, is the cheerful faces of children when they are received red envelopes (called “Li Xi”), … ”


Children were received red envelopes (Li Xi) from their ancestor in Tet

Many foreign tourists have expressed their impressive while enjoying the atmosphere of the Lunar New Year in Vietnam. Streets filled with flowers, lanterns and shimmer. Everyone smiles brightly when they meet together and wish each other the very best for the New Year.


Nguyen Hue Flowers street in Ho Chi Minh City

Many foreign tourists love to go to the countryside of Vietnam to join in the local family atmosphere of Tet. The tourist like to walk around the streets to see the flowers, someone goes to pagodas, someone ask “Ong Do” calligraphy in the Lunar New Year … They are immersed in the traditional culture of the Vietnamese …


“Ong Do” in Tet Vietnam.

Some people said  that what they impressed most about Tet in Vietnam was that people are family-oriented. Though what do any job, anywhere at all, we are looking forward to returning home with a family reunion of the Tet. Of the Vietnamese New Year is the day of optimism and hope.

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