Quang Binh travel and exploring Son Doong Cave – the world’s largest...

Quang Binh travel and exploring Son Doong Cave – the world’s largest cave

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Vietnam tours – To lie dormant in the remote mountains of central Vietnam, for millions of years, the Son Doong cave, the largest natural cave in the world, after being discovered in 2009, has stimulated the curiosity of travelers around the world to explore and enjoy.


Son Doong Cave – which holds the record as the world’s largest cave so far, with a width of more than 200 meters, an average height of about 150 meters and length of about 9 kilometers. Majestic beauty and natural priceless values of fairyland hide under the largest karst of the world, which aslo have many mysteries haven’t be discovered yet.


Anyone who has the opportunity to Son Doong cave inward and away the full length of the cave were overwhelmed by the spectacular beauty and pristine of the largest caverns of the world. Beside the huge and unique stalactite systems, inside the cave is a primeval forest with tall and pieces stems. And it was no hyperbole when it was named the “Garden of Eden”.

However, the path to “Eden” does not cover with roses as in fairy tales. To reach Son Doong cave door, you have to pass around 10km forest road along the river and stream, with a lot of dangerous crags and usually takes one full day to go. To get to the cave door, the real journey begins.



Mr.Howard Limbert who discovered the Son Doong cave in 2009, said: “Up to the cave door, you had to continue to climb down a steep cliff 80 meters high. And then you would see a very large river.Here, the river was deep and ran very fast, so you could be swept away at any time. You must use a rope tied to the cliff so that each person went through. You must go through the river twice to continue the adventure. In flood, the river rose to 50m, very dangerous, there was no way to go “.


When you get inside the cave, you’ll go through a lot of places that the expedition of Howard Limbert was put funny names like “Hand of Dog”, “Watch out for dinosaurs” “The rock funny”, or “Garden of Eden”. For scientists, this is the real paradise for the study.



Recently, the People’s Committee of Quang Binh province has allowed the exploitation trials of the cave adventure tourism Son Doong but limited quantities of each year. A standard trip lasts 7 days 6 nights with an estimated  of 10 guests. If some people do not cancel the tour up to 2016 have been closed off place for travelers who want to explorer Son Doong cave – the largest cave in the world.

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