Hanoi Old Stock Has To Be The Sticky Timeless

Hanoi Old Stock Has To Be The Sticky Timeless

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hanoi1Hanoi is the capital of exotic beauty mix between tradition and modernity. Hanoi brings a quiet beauty outside casing depth loud and flashy. Let’s watch a dynamic but Hanoi ancient sounding, quiet home with sticky timeless okay!

Hanoi autumn is still the best. It must have at no place can be romantic and beautiful autumn lyrical place as the capital of this culture thousands of years. Sky, cloudless blue white, gentle sunshine, the sun as a yellow dye a shiny, bright. Collecting gently blowing wind, gone with the gold leaf la momentum flight. Thu Ha Noi has a gentle beauty, richness, a unique beauty that only those who stick with each new Hanoi was fully felt.


Photograph of a two-story house on the corner of Hanoi Old Quarter on one-way receiver. The walls have old, flaking gradually over the years. The moss-covered tile array tinged of time. Hang around a few tree leaves swaying gently under the receiver breeze. Both pictures exudes an air of a receiver, a quiet space, deep.



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