Discover Y Ty – a village in the cloud

Discover Y Ty – a village in the cloud

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Vietnam toursY Ty commune is located in the highland west, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, far away from Lao Cai city about 100km. Where is known as the “land of misty”, a wilderness and mystery land are stored strange things and hard to be found anywhere.


These years, the period from November to March each year, Y Ty is fascinating destination because it has an average hieght 2,000m and fog covered all year round. These beautiful day at the end of the year, Y Ty has cloud covering frequently makes natural landscape even more charming.

Fanciful Y Ty

Going along sinuous track and upward Nhu Co San mountain top, you will feel like “running up to heaven”, and then immersed in fog and white cloud. Then suddenly in a moment, Y Ty appear with romantic scene when the Ha Nhi women carry wood baskets to the market between vast jungle.

Y Ty – poured water season.

Y Ty is beautiful by cloud, mountains and brilliant by the terrace fields stretching towards the sky.

Y Ty – surprised beauty.

If you travel to Y Ty on a sunny winter day, you will be surprised by the white filled cloud sea surround the villages, creat a fanciful beauty as in paradise.

Cloud paradise in Y Ty
Cloud paradise in Y Ty
Masterpieces of cloud and light.
Masterpieces of cloud and light.

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