Discover the pristine Binh Hung island of Khanh Hoa

Discover the pristine Binh Hung island of Khanh Hoa

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Vietnam travel - Binh Hung Island is like a raw pearl of marine tourism industry in Vietnam.

Binh Hung is one of three Tam Binh islands of Cam Ranh deepwater gulf (Khanh Hoa province). To come here, you can go from Cam Ranh along the coast, and then through Vinh Hy.


The distance between Island and shore is about 10 minutes by boat. When you arrive the island, you will immediately be attracted by the color of the blue sea and white sandy beaches. The beaches here is not long and wide as Mui Ne or Nha Trang but they are always clean and pure to the bottom. Sea is shallow, gentle and you just wade out a few tens of meters, water up to your chest,you will see coral beneath. In particular, on the beach are numerous rock shapes and colors very vivid. The beauty of rock shapes at Chuong beach, Nom beach, Nha Cu beach… .is not inferior the Chong island in Nha Trang.

Blue sea
White sand
And cool water is blessed gift to the island Binh Hung

The people on the island lives by fishing, especially nourishing lobster. The house is located in close proximity to the sea direction. Far away, busy shipping trade in fishing ports. The roads around the village is clean.


Each day, the life of the people on the island of Binh Hung is quite peaceful.

When you were satisfied with the activities of swimming in the sea, you can make a tour of some places like the mausoleum Mr. Nam Hai, Ba Temple, home village of Binh Hung, Binh Hung temple …. These are places reserve the traditional cultural identity of coastal communities. Every two years, the people on the island organise festival to dedicate for mausoleum and village…, all people garther together to set up crowded and uproarious activities.

Binh Hung island also has Hon Chut lighthouse – has over 100 years old. Standing on the lighthouse, you can observe the hustle of the ship in the Cam Ranh port.

A beautiful image of the Hon Chut lighthouse.
A beautiful image of the Hon Chut lighthouse.

Since the fishing village, the seafood here is always fresh. You can rent a boat to visit the sea cages of fishermen and enjoy the food right there. In particular, these ships have translucent glass bottom, so you can enjoy the beauty of the coral.

Here fresh seafood and a very reasonable price
Here fresh seafood and a very reasonable price


Do not forget to enjoy the island’s seafood – juicy lobster

Binh Hung has no travel service, hotels or motels so you can sleep by homestay. Perhaps Binh Hung will be a trip to explore and adventure rather than resort. You should bring a hammock or tent camping.

Peacful sunset on the Binh Hung island

Coming here, you can forget the bustling city life and immerse ourselves in the simple life of the fishing village and the pristine beach.

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