Vung Tau day trips and experience not to be missed

Vung Tau day trips and experience not to be missed


Vietnam muslim tours – Such a peaceful city, Vung Tau is a suitable location for the short day trip or weekend of Saigon’s population. And if you’re planning to travel to Vung Tau city, you should not miss the following activities when traveling Vung Tau.

Bathing beaches

Vung Tau travel coastal city is famous where has many famous beaches such as: Front Beach, Back Beach, Pineapple Beach, Mudberry Beach, .. . Among them, the Front Beach and Back Beach which attract the most visitors.


At the beach, visitors can also participate in many exciting games on the beach such as surfing, go parasailing, canoeing, … or walk barefoot on white sand beaches and see glorious sunrise views or sunset light staining a vast open sea.

Visiting the landscapes of the Vung Tau city

Althought Vung Tau city doesn’t have large area, it has many famous landscapes which attract to many tourist:

The lighthouse Vung Tau


Lighthouse Vung Tau is located on a mountain with a height of 170 meters. This is a favorite place of many visitors, especially young visitors. This is one of the oldest lighthouse in Southeast Asia (100 years old) .To come the lighthouse, visitors can drive along the winding road up the mountain feet. Or you can walk if you have time and want to sightseeing along the way. From the top of the lighthouse, visitors can cover the entire Vung Tau city and admire Minh Dam mountains from afar, under is the Ha Long winding road and the beach is always bustling tourists.

Statue of Jesus Christ in Vung Tau – 1 of 3 statues lord world’s largest

Travelling to Vung Tau certainly can not miss the opportunity to visit the statue standing on a small mountain top , overlooking the sea.


This statue was built in 1954, 32 meters height, arm length of 18.4 meters is considered to be a version of the Jesus statue in Brazil and one of the three largest statue of Christ the world .Visiting the statue in the morning, crossing the 1,000 stone steps you’ll get a panoramic view of the beautiful Vung Tau from above.

The Worldwide Arms Museum in Vung Tau

If you are in Vung Tau for the first time, don’t forget to visit one of the greatest educational places in Vietnam, The Worldwide Arms Museum. It is located on one of the highest coastal mountains in Vung Tau, on the road heading to the lighthouse (14 Hai Dang Street, Ward 2, Vung Tau City). The museum is unlike any other museums in Vietnam in that you can always feel the European spirit of history.


Dog racing – exciting entertainment activity

After a day of sightseeing and exploring many landscapes of Vung Tau coastal city, you should visit the Lam Son stadium to soak up the bustling atmosphere of unique dog racing activities. From stands, visitors can easily observe the brave dogs are competing together. In particular, you can also try your luck by purchasing tickets for the most anticipated dogs.


Enjoying Vung Tau specialty

Vung Tau also has a rich and diverse cuisine . Who has been to this coastal city, will surely be fascinated by the famous delicious dishes here as Banh Canh Long Huong, Banh Hoi An Nhat, Banh Khot Goc Vu Sua, Long Hai pancakes, Banh Beo Tuyet Mai dirt cake, oysters soup Long Son, pigeons soup, …

Banh Khot

In addition, tourists can visit the night food street along the beach to enjoy the fragrant grilled seafood such as fish, crab, squid, octopus, grilled … The city has always been the destination keep all guests every night.



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