The wild beauty of Da Dia rapids in Phu Yen

The wild beauty of Da Dia rapids in Phu Yen

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Vietnam travel – Stand out among blue skies at An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district is stacked prismatic columns stones as dishes with a unique black legend.


Da Dia rapids is a famous landscape of Phu Yen province, close to the center of Tuy Hoa city about 40 miles.


To travel to Da Dia rapids, tourists start going from the Tuy Hoa city follow Nation Highway 1A approximately 30 km to the Chi Thanh town and then right turn about 12 miles east.


The first impression for visitors when they arrive here is the unique  legendary black prismatic  stones, which look away as a giant beehive is peaceful on seaside.


But when we came closer and look at the straight prismatic, tilted prismatic, are stacked as strata layers of heap, many people think of the stacked dishes.


Whenever the sun is high, the black rocks on Da Dia rapids are shone resplendent again as beeswax.


As wonderful natural landscapes of unique landscapes and geology in Vietnam, the rocks in the rapids as handiwork of human.


The concave between the rapids is home of many species of marine organisms such as algae, shrimp, crabs, snails … brings excitement for travelers to roam and explore here.


With blue water color and unique natural scenery, rapids Stone Drive attracted a lot of photographers to visit and took  the impressive photoes.


Viewing from rapids is the peaceful setting of a vast ocean airspace with boats floating on the waves.


The blend between of trees, rocks, sea and sun colors created a beautiful painting to attract visitors.


Near the rapids is a small sandy beach and gentle. Compared with the waves at rapids, here is somewhat softer, very suitable for bathing.


Smooth sand, mellow waves and picturesque views are the gift of the nature to give many tourists.

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