Quan Lan – Beautiful North beach as paradise resort

Quan Lan – Beautiful North beach as paradise resort

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Muslim tours – Quan Lan is a beautiful island of Quang Ninh province. The beauty of the beach here is not inferior to the paradise resort in the Central.

Quan Lan is considered where has clear blue sea and is beautiful among the best in the North. Marine tourism Quan Lan is one of the best choice for hot summer vacation.

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It is still a pristine island located in Bai Tu Long Bay, Van Don island district (Quang Ninh). There are three beaches on the island that tourists can not ignore that is Quan Lan beach, Minh Chau beach and Son Hao beach, all of them very romantic, suitable for travelers looking for a peaceful place to relax.

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To relax at the Quan Lan beach, visitors have four main options: motels, hotels, house on stilts and resorts, depending on the needs and budget that you can choose the form that suits you.

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Besides walking along the beautiful beaches, tourists can visit the many historical culture on the island. Quan Lan has been the center of Van Don trading port so it has many local attractions including interesting Quan Lan temple with wooden architecture is meticulously and elaborately carved. Tourists can also visit to the lighthouse was built in the 19th century with the French architecture features.


In general, only 2 to 3 million Vietnamese Dong tourists will certainly enjoy a comfortable and free vacation within 5 days in one of the most pristine beaches in the North.

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