Keo Pagoda – the most beautiful pagoda architecture in Vietnam

Keo Pagoda – the most beautiful pagoda architecture in Vietnam

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Muslim tourKeo Pagoda is over 400 years old, one of the most beautiful pagoda architecture in Vietnam, will be interesting stopover of tourists visit to Thai Binh.


Keo pagoda is located in Duy Nhat Commune, Vu Thu district, Thai Binh province is started constructing from 1630 and completed in 1632 according to the architectural style of the Le dynasty.


This is one of the few ancient pagodas in Vietnam preserved almost intact ancient architecture.


Inside the pagoda is a tiles roofing hall, is pillared by a very large ironwood pillars. In front of the hall is a green grass, with small arecas small beside. The two sides corridors are two ancient stone tablets, engraved historical building of the pagoda.


Epitaph and land register recorded Keo pagoda area, whole area of ​​about  58,000 m2, consists of several houses made into different cluster architectures. Currently, the entire pagoda architectures remain 17 projects.


The two sides are the corridors lead to the worship space. This corridor is also roofed by tiles and pillared by ironwood, very impressive. The paved stone road will take you to space to worship Buddha, Holy and steeples.


The cottage is close connected together, the above tip tiles roof is patterned stylized image of “carp jumping the dragon gate”.


Keo pagoda steeple with the roof structure is nearly 100 head herd of elephants is the jewel in the architectural heritage of Vietnam. Doors are carved with dragon shapes is the unique doors of Vietnam. Keo pagoda also reserved the hundreds of French statues and sacrifices of the Le dynasty. It can be said Keo Pagoda is an art museum early seventeenth century, with many unique masterpiece.


Besides ancient architectures, Keo Pagoda preserved a lot of the oldest statues.


Mainly raw materials used to build the pagoda is wood, tile and stone. Through the ups and downs, the events of the time, the pagoda still ancient, solid with time.


Over 400 years, the architectural Le dynasty is still preserved. With the value of history and culture, Keo pagoda was ranked as “Special National Monument”.


Every year on the 4th of January lunar month, the people of the village to celebrate spring festival in the Keo pagoda. More than nine months later, on the 13th, 14th, 15th of September lunar month Keo pagoda celebrates autumn festival.

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