Bustling Muslim tourists

Bustling Muslim tourists

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Being low season, but international tourists from many countries with Muslim population as Malaysia, Indonesia and Ho Chi Minh City is still bustling. Most visitors go short tour, shopping in the city center.

Indonesian tourists usually choose 4-5 day tour travel Ho Chi Minh City, My Tho or go to Hanoi and visit Halong Bay. When to Ho Chi Minh City, the program must be shopping in Ben Thanh Market, the stores near market areas as well as in Taka or Saigon Square Plaza.

More than three years ago, started Indonesia visitor growth by connecting cheap flights Jakarta - Ho Chi Minh City by AirAsia airline operators. By the end of last year, Vietnam Airlines to enter the market, opening a direct route connecting HCMC - Jakarta frequency 4 flights / week, offering promotional fares are not much more expensive than the low-cost airlines, many tour operators focus more on the Islamic market.

May 6-2013, but officially stopped flying AirAsia route Jakarta - HCMC but travel businesses remain cautiously optimistic of a slot is still no shortage, price is not high.

Similar to the Indonesian market, tourists from Malaysia are also some tour operators assess the potential market. Currently, though not many visitors in other markets but stable.

“We pick each week. Hotels Malaysia quite pleasant, just to meet the dietary requirements of particular Muslims,” Mr Thanh said.

Ming Yuan, travel guides freedom, recently said he was very busy due to more visitors. Any week, guided tours also receive from travel companies.

Often long 4 day tour should have considered the entire week. Majority were middle-aged. Everybody likes shopping, like going to the market to more than two hours for shopping are often not enough,” he told Business Times Saigon Times Online as awaits guests at the Ben Thanh Market.

For visitors from Malaysia, Indonesia, Ben Thanh, Nguyen An Ninh area near market, Taka Plaza, Saigon Square is the ideal shopping destination. Here, tourists are often out on the bustling sized four o’clock in the afternoon and lasted until almost dinner time.

Procurement needs to shop series has sold items for customer especially Islamic apparel for women called Kurung, headscarf, veil or other products that addict . Many restaurants also sell Halal food for special guests.

She Nasihah, Cham people are selling these types of garments for Muslim guests Nguyen An Ninh, District 1, said the majority of visitors to the store are women and more shopping. Few people had just bought a suit. Often they buy five, seven sets, there are also pre-order,” she said.



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