Mosque in the heart of Hanoi

Mosque in the heart of Hanoi

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Over the past century, the only mosque in the north lies peacefully on a small street Goods Brief, Hang Ma Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. The faith of the Muslim community in Mecca reigning AL-Nour was built in 1890.

Century that stand out do not ask these people live in Hanoi said the mosque building was small. Bring the feeling curious, strange church I visited the new year early spring when the cold was bitter price to cover the space. Pristine white of the AL-NUOR little dust problems do not seem to time. Green door was ajar, so I immediately turned to the man inquired aging tree is leisurely cup of hot tea smoke the side of the cathedral. Chat for a while, I realized that this is Mr. Doan Hong Cuong, who oversees church has 21 this year. According to his legs, my eagerness to explore.AL-NUOR Sanctuary located in the west to face toward Mecca, the Muslim holy. Each architectural details are the hallmark characteristic of Islam church architecture, especially influential architecture Indian domes, arches, pinnacles AL-space NUOR quite simple, airy with the high arched wide doorway in the ceremony room. Muslims do not encourage women to church, but this place has arranged a ceremony for the women’s room, separated by sheets of fabric to create a separate space. Mr Cuong said: “There have occasionally women, including Vietnam women married to Muslim ceremony on 6th important. However, this number is quite small. “So maybe a girl as I walked into this sanctum has encountered numerous strange gaze of men to the ceremony.

Not to be separated, liberal sanctuary space, pure white of white colonnades running along the corridor leading the sheep into the ceremony room. Footwear for shelf doorstep. Then, the sequence of ceremonies along the corridor outside the bleached area clean bare limbs. Perhaps those who first come into contact with the Muslim world are felt almost pleasant surprise by these rules. Now, it is the white carpet, while others are the tapestries of Indian motifs located between the main ceremony room to prostrate sheep ceremony.

Despite the noisy, dusty streets, cathedrals always embrace peace, looks relaxed in a simple, rustic. In the small courtyard, quiet bench is received gold contract leaves when the wind fell light through. Trees are also important assets of our church. AL-Nour plants are also hundreds of years old stuffy shrinkage but all year round and all the green fruit. Several fruit trees indenture much wrong here that I never sang before, “said Cuong fun. Through the foliage old contract, I looked up and watched the towers vertical rise strongly between spring rain fly subtle. Every day on top of the tower, the morning sun shining steadily spread themselves all white cathedral ceremony signaling the start of dawn has arrived!

Sticking to Thang Long has 121 years, AL-Nour mosque has experienced many vicissitudes of history. The period of 1964-1973 is almost cathedral closed due to the war, but never once bombed mosque ravaged stray bullet crashed. A miracle that nobody explained!



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