The local delicacies that preliminary Lim Mu (Muslims) do not enjoy

The local delicacies that preliminary Lim Mu (Muslims) do not enjoy

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It is made ​​from pork dishes which people abstain from eating Islam because they believe pigs are filthy kind. Well, every religion has its own dogmas and rules, I should not delve too critical but I think about health besides the vegetables, any kind of meat, if you eat too much is not good . As for pork, the pork dish very popular in our daily meals we Vietnamese people. Today‘s kitchen and he would give me ten a dish made from pork, the dish is delicious and easy to make. We hope that these items will soon be put on the menu for dinner with my girlfriend‘s family okay!

I usually get Linguine pasta or Italian to make pork fried noodles for the whole family to eat. His style mi oriental fried, delicious food and modern, you do want to try, go ahead countless dive!


A full barbecue pork plate is tiny for her husband after a day of hard work

Breakfast with a hot bowl of wonton. (Breakfast which lack of phi, but not so that makes delicious bowl of wonton Where bared loss) half, it sure cure for the shortcomings of the moa!
Amnesty tiny crispy fried noodles, this dish was eaten seafood over at Paradise restaurant, fine dining, but his mouth should do so for the whole family to enjoy this

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Pork roast, small dish to minister

Roll the corn soup, this house can say is do not eat skeptical that bored!

Fried wonton, a snack, and can be eaten with rice. Since taking college so hungry that I completely forgot to put water model. I also dig the district that do hatch forget you!

It is not difficult Farci coffee is also very easy to eat

Put pork bell peppers, this dish if you do take the smell of green peppers, then ni will delight and addictive this dish very decent!
Tofu with minced meat sauce, a dish tractable but delicious for days there are so many things to do

Kimchi cabbage soup cooked with pork ribs pipe, simple, but incredibly delicious!


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