Learn Islamic Halal Food

Learn Islamic Halal Food

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Halal Arabic language means “lawful” or permitted. The opposite of halal is haram, which means unlawful or prohibited. Halal and haram is the term applied to all aspects of Muslim life. These items are considered to be suitable for Halal diet outlined in the Muslim Koran. Halal food in addition to not use any kind of alcohol or drug drinks or other hazardous must be made ​​from plant and animal sources are handled in accordance with Islamic methods.

The meat of animals with claws and fangs such as lions, tigers, bears; Pork in general; dogs, snakes, monkeys are not strictly Halal. In addition to the meat of birds of prey such as eagles, vultures, predators on land, such as lions, dogs, meat from animals killed by strangulation or beating and the food is the blood component objects (aka information).

For special cases, such as the prohibition of killing animals such as ants, bees; Animals are generally considered as dirty and disgusting maggots, larvae; mule - trick; any foods made ​​from blood or blood containing incorrect Halal. Most seafood are considered halal except the animals live both in water and on land crabs, frogs, crocodiles.

The difference between halal meat and normal meat that is how Muslims slaughter animals:

- From Allah (ie the gods) said to be slaughtered before the surgery.

- Slaughtering tools must be sharpened edge to ensure humane. Turn to be killed in action throats slit.

- Animals must survive before surgery. Meat of dead animals or unconscious before surgery is not Halal meat.

- Meat after surgery should be hung up to bleeding out. Meat is halal meat not stained with blood.

- The slaughter must be done by Muslims or Jews

- Animals must be fed in natural mode, not the products themselves contain other animals.

The number of Muslim in Britain is quite crowded, so you can buy Halal meat easily.


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