Halal Restaurants

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It is made ​​from pork dishes which people abstain from eating Islam because they believe pigs are filthy kind. Well, every religion has its own dogmas and rules, I should not delve too critical but I think about health besides the vegetables, any kind of meat, if you eat too much is not good . As for pork, the pork dish very popular in our daily meals we Vietnamese people. Today‘s kitchen and he would give me ten a dish made from pork, the dish is delicious and easy to make. We hope that these items will soon be put on the menu for dinner with my girlfriend‘s family okay!

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Halal Arabic language means “lawful” or permitted. The opposite of halal is haram, which means unlawful or prohibited. Halal and haram is the term applied to all aspects of Muslim life. These items are considered to be suitable for Halal diet outlined in the Muslim Koran. Halal food in addition to not use any kind of alcohol or drug drinks or other hazardous must be made ​​from plant and animal sources are handled in accordance with Islamic methods.