Experiencing the best of Vietnam Muslim Tours in Ho Chi Minh City

Experiencing the best of Vietnam Muslim Tours in Ho Chi Minh City

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For those who have chosen Vietnam as their ideal holiday destination, there are many types of tours available. Vietnam Muslim Tours are among the most common tour varieties in the country, and Ho Chi Minh City in particular has a lot to offer to Muslim travelers. Tour companies operating in Ho Chi Minh City offer a large variety of budget tours that you will definitely find incredibly thrilling whether you are a Muslim traveler or not.

A tailor made ho chi minh Muslim tour offers many suggestions that Muslim tourists will certainly find interesting. You will be amazed at the many places that you can possibly choose from as you get to experience the best that Vietnam has to offer its visitors. No matter what your interests are or what your traveling budget is Ho Chi Minh City certainly has something for everyone.

Muslim mosque

Many places are highlighted in Vietnam Muslim tours that you can visit but one of your first stop will of course be your first stop. Saigon central mosque has a long history that dates back to 1935 when it was built. Originally, this mosque was constructed to provide Muslims from Southern India, who used to reside in the city a place to worship. However, this is no longer the case as Muslims from all over the world come to the Muslim mosque to worship and you will enjoy a fantastic experience here.

Cholon mosque

This mosque is always included as a part of ho chi minh Muslim tour and it is actually found in Cholon Chinatown of the Ho Chi Minh City. The lack of ornamentation and the clear lines featured in Cholon Jamial Mosque greatly contrasts with the nearby Vietnamese and Chinese Buddhist pagodas. Still, there are many other mosques in the nearby such as the Al Rahman Mosque and the Jamiyah Islamic Mosque.

Muslim shopping

Shopping for Muslim tourists is well provided for in Ho Chi Minh City and there are many places where you can find topnotch collections of items of Muslim interest such as jubah cotton, Telekung and baju kurung together with mai collection, basiroh, trucxinh and benthanh market. Besides this, enjoying halal food is something that you can’t afford to miss as a Muslim tourist, particularly in halala Saigon, Shamsudin halala, banana leaf halal and even PHO halala.

Ben Thanh Market

Still on the issue of Muslim shopping, the climax of Vietnam Muslim tours is at the Ben Thanh Market where you are bound to find all those items you would need as a Muslim. Together with its surrounding streets, Ben Thanh boasts of being among the liveliest places in Ho Chi Minh and it also the central market of the city. You can obtain a wide range of souvenir items together with other times that are sold commonly in Saigon including clothing, food, jewelry, hardware. You will find nearly anything that is worn or eaten by Vietnamese Muslims here. Keep in mind that most of these items are priced a little bit higher compared to other places in Ho Chi Minh.

Halong Bay

The typical ho chi minh Muslim tour also includes a visit to the Halong Bay, best known for its incredibly delicious seafood. You will enjoy cruising on a boat at the crystalline clear emerald green waters of the Ha Long Bay. There are also numerous spectacular islets and limestone islands and you will also discover the Surprising Cave which is deemed to the most beautiful and attractive cave found in Halong Bay. Boats ferrying you to the Halong Bay will make stops at ideal locations for Sea Kayaking and continue paddling to the dramatic natural sceneries. This offers you a perfect opportunity of exploring the many stalagmite caves and lagoons hidden here.

There are many tour packages available for Vietnam Muslim tours and most of them are reasonably priced to favor your pockets. The price you pay for these tours will depend on your travel period, hotel class you intend to stay, group size and other specific touring needs. You can be sure that you will get the best prices and get to experience an unforgettable experience in Ho Chi Minh City.


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