Why Choosing Cheap Vietnam Tour Package Saigon Is a Great Idea

Why Choosing Cheap Vietnam Tour Package Saigon Is a Great Idea

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Vietnam has of late emerged as one of the countries in Asia that is highly explored by the locals and foreigners alike. The mesmerizing natural surroundings, rich cultural heritage and immense diversity of the Vietnamese people have made Vietnam tour packages an exception among travel enthusiasts. If you are planning to explore the once might city of Saigon, it would be a great idea that you choose a cheap Vietnam tour package Saigon and you will certainly enjoy an intriguing experience.

Nowadays, most tour operators operating in Saigon have taken their services online and it is now incredibly easier to avail inexpensive tour packages. You just need to get in touch with well recognized and reputable travel agents who are well experienced in providing a wide range of facilities and services to the tourists. Whether you need to explore Saigon’s picturesque surroundings or the ultra modern structures found in this city, cheap Vietnam tour packages are certainly the way to go.

With Saigon falling in 1975, the city’s name was officially changed to Ho Chi Minh City. But despite this, the old name of Saigon is used widely today by both foreigners and local Vietnamese people. This is more so when tourists are referring to central parts of Saigon and you can be sure that this place is certainly worthy exploring. Just because you are going for cheap Vietnam tour package Saigon doesn’t mean that your experience will be cheap. Rather, this is just a way of saving big on your travel and you will surely get to experience a lot here. While there are many attractions that any tourist will be thrilled with in Saigon, here are the top places that any sound tour package shouldn’t miss:

Museum of Vietnamese History

Historical sites have always been the center of attraction in Saigon and the Museum of Vietnamese History should mark your first stopping point. This museum boasts of having fine collections of topnotch Vietnamese antiquities and reading Vietnamese history before coming here will help ensure that you understand most of the things at the museum. There is also a zoo nearby as well and other museums that you should make a point of visiting like the Ho Chi Minh Museum and the War Remnants Museum.

Central Mosque

Muslim tours in Saigon have become incredibly popular nowadays as there are many religious sites associated with the Muslims in this city. A good example is the Central Mosque which has always been a common highlight in nearly all the Vietnam tour packages organized in Saigon. This is one of the more than 10 mosques that serve the city and it dates back to 1935. You will be thrilled with the cool stone floors and shaded verandah found in the mosque and it is an ideal place where both Muslims and non-Muslims should go.

Shopping in Saigon

While traveling to all the various attractions found in the city is always something great that you can never hesitate to do, shopping in Saigon will assure you an experience that you will live to remember. With your tailor made Vietnam tour package Saigon, you will be advised to the top shopping areas in the city where you will find some of the best and most reasonably priced products. Arts and crafts and other products like clothing are sold in many places here like the BoSua Local Street Wear, Ginkgo T shirts and Phuong Mai Art Gallery. There are also markets where you can buy some great food stuffs and there are plenty of cafes and restaurants where you can experience the local Vietnam cuisine.

Vietnam tour packages are essentially not costly and offer an affordable way to tour Saigon at any time of the year. If you are planning to come to this part of Vietnam for a holiday vacation, either alone or with your family and friends, you can get tour packages that are organized based on your preferences. With such tour packages, you no longer have to pay a fortune to visit Saigon and you will be assured an out of this world experience and get to pay highly attractive prices for your travel.



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